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The Seacole Effect

Nurse Leader Residency Program

Created by:

Daihnia Dunkley PhD, RN

The Seacole Effect Nurse Leader Residency Program is designed for Black nurses who are aspiring leaders, or current leaders seeking career development. 

The curriculum was developed from scholarly research examining the lived experiences of various nurse leaders, including C-suite nurse executives. Participants will learn the skills and strategies needed to navigate the career ladder and achieve success in environments where they were historically excluded.​ Find out more below!

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Program Background

There is substantial documentation in the literature that minorities are underrepresented in the nursing workforce.

Minorities represent 29% of the total United States (U.S.) population. However, only 19.5% of approximately 4 million Registered Nurses (RNs) residing in the U.S. belong to various racial ethnic minority groups. According to the 2017 National Nursing Workforce Survey of RNs conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and the Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, Black nurses only comprise 9.9% of the total number of RNs.


Minorities are further underrepresented as it relates to positions of nursing leadership. White nurses hold the overwhelming majority of all nurse executive titles. It is estimated that Black nurses represent an even lower number of management positions and about 6% percent of Black nurses obtain executive roles, like that of a Chief Nursing Officer.  


Few Black nurses are represented at the executive level of leadership and their experiences are not understood. The aim of this residency is to provide leadership development strategies from an evidence-based perspective to current and aspiring Black nurse leaders in order to assist efforts to increase minority representation in leadership roles.

Program Details

Who should enroll? 
Black and ethnic minority nurses who are:

  • Aspiring to a leadership position

  • New to a leadership role


What’s Included?

  • Eight virtual group coaching sessions 

  • One private coaching session with Dr. D (60 min)

  • Access to private Facebook (FB) community 

  • The Seacole Effect signature curriculum

  • Custom E-workbook with course content and activities

Program Outcomes


Create a greater understanding of the unique issues that affect Black nursing leadership professionals’ career paths.


Use knowledge of research and current professional landscape to improve diversity in the nursing leadership workforce. 


Develop the leadership capacity of Black and other minority nurse leaders needed to  address health disparities and improve health equity.

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Video Testimonial

The Seacole Effect Masterclass course was very interesting, educational, and inspiring. It
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